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PARTIAL FUNDING towards Neo900 complete device View larger

PARTIAL FUNDING towards Neo900 complete device


PARTIAL FUNDING (ca 40% partial payment) towards a complete Neo900 device.

Our product variant for those who don't have a N900 to upgrade, or for various reasons don't want to do such upgrade on their N900 

More details

480,00 €

  • UMTS "worldwide"
  • LTE EU (Europe freq set)
  • LTE US (USA freq set)
  • UMTS plus CDMA2000

Product consists of

NeoN mainboard New motherboard developed by Neo900 crew, for upgrading the N900.
mechanical parts for upgrade spacerframe and other auxiliary parts (screws etc) needed for the upgrade
complete N900 this is a complete working refurbished original N900 we source for you, and we do the mainboard upgrade on it for you.


Complete and assembled device consisting of the NeoN board kit, plus N900 case, display, keyboard, and battery. N900 parts may be original or selected aftermarket items.

This is a PARTIAL FUNDING (ca 40% partial advance payment, a deposit towards the higher final price)! See  The device is still in development. Estimated shipping date: Q3/2017, exact final price not determined yet.

The PARTIAL FUNDING is required for anticipated sourcing of risk components (hard to source chips, etc.), for advance purchase of case parts, and to cover related expenses, such as R&D.

Before you proceed, please be sure you understand the characteristics and risks of a crowdfunding project like this. If you have any doubts, please contact us at

Detailed specifications can be found here.

We offer the following four telephony variants (see FAQ):

  • UMTS "worldwide" (PHS8-P/K). Bands: 5 x UMTS, 4 x GSM.
    For further details, please consult the PHS8 data sheet
  • LTE EU (PLS8-E). Bands: 5 x LTE, 3 x UMTS, 2 x GSM.
    For further details, please consult the PLS8 data sheet
  • LTE US (PLS8-US). Bands: 4 x LTE, 3 x UMTS, 4 x GSM.
    For further details, please consult the PLS8 data sheet
  • UMTS plus CDMA2000 (PXS8). Bands: 5 x UMTS, 4 x GSM, 3 x CDMA2000.
    (Not evaluated yet.) For further details, please consult the PXS8 data sheet

Please note that the telephony module is an integral part of the device and cannot be easily changed. Anyway until we start sourcing the modules, you can change your order to get another variant. Please send us a message for doing so.


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